PATS is a new system to make transactions simpler and more efficient between publishers and media agencies.

It modernises the transaction process, driving efficiencies through the industry for both agencies and media owners.  It brings publishing in line with transaction management systems used by other media.

The system will have a beta launch with PATS founder publishers in April 2015.

“There is a real appetite for a system that improves efficiency for publishers and agencies. PATS offers access to total audiences across all formats and will make life much simpler.”


Rufus Olins, CEO, Newsworks

Making transactions simpler

PATS offers:

  • A technology bridge between agency and publisher systems
  • Easy, cross platform booking across print and digital audiences
  • A shared and single view of ad bookings placed
  • A joint platform for future developments to meet industry needs



What is PATS?

PATS is a platform that interfaces with existing buyer and seller systems to facilitate a shared and single point of reference via the PATS unique reference number (URN).  The intention is to enhance the advertising transaction management process between publishers and agencies.

PATS will integrate via APIs into buyer and seller systems and act as a bridge between them. In addition, PATS will provide a simple publisher side interface.


Who we are

PATS has been founded by Guardian News & Media Group, Mail Newspapers, Telegraph Media Group, News UK, ESi and Trinity Mirror. These publishers are funding the development of the technology and the costs of integrating the system with agencies.

The intention is for PATS to be adopted more widely across the industry by agencies and publishers, including magazines and local media. PATS is being managed as a not for profit organisation.


Why use PATS?

In a  more complex media landscape, PATS makes it simpler to transact across publishers’ print and digital audiences.

The system reduces the time involved in processes such as ad booking, reporting and invoice matching, and will result in easier, more accurate transaction management.

PATS is free to use for media agencies; for publishers, there is a fair and transparent subscription membership.


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PATS 120 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0JR