Will publishers use PATS for programmatic selling?

PATS has been built as a transaction management system and a platform for future development. However, it is currently not intended to be used for programmatic trading.

Specifically, PATS at launch will NOT:

  • Show available inventory levels to agencies
  • Negotiate or manage the price on behalf of sales people
  • Accept or reject bookings without human confirmation
  • Replace sales conversations with agencies (it will reduce admin conversations)
  • Displace any exchanges/trading systems that publishers use for digital bookings


How are the founder publishers working together to build PATS?

There are three levels of governance which draw on the involvement of the founder publishers: a PATS Board, an Operational Steering Committee and a Technical Development Team.  This collaboration is being managed through the PATS management team, led by Newsworks.


How is PATS funded?

Publishers will fund the costs of the PATS system. The founder publishers (Mail Newspapers, News UK, Guardian Media Group, Telegraph Media Group, Trinity Mirror and ESi) have funded the development of the system. Other publishers will pay a fair and transparent membership. These membership fees will contribute towards the ongoing management costs of running PATS.


Have media agencies been involved in the development of PATS?

The Institute for Practitioners in Advertising and GroupM (GM and Op Cos) were part of the initial steering group for PATS.  GroupM, Publicis (VivaKi, Zenith and Starcom) and Omnicom (PHD and OMD) have all been consulted on PATS development.


What are the costs to agencies of PATS?

PATS is free of charge to agencies, including all costs to integrate into existing major agency publisher buying systems.


Will agencies use the PATS interface?

There are currently no plans for agencies to use the PATS interface directly. Agencies will continue to use their existing print and digital buying systems. PATS is agnostic to agency systems and will integrate with them via APIs.


When will PATS launch?

Following system testing, PATS will have a beta launch with its founder publishers and agencies in Q2 2015. During Q3 and Q4 2015, the system will be rolled out to other publishers and agencies.


How was the technology supplier, Mediaocean, appointed?

Mediaocean was appointed following a tender process in 2013 run by Newsworks and member publishers of the NPA, alongside representatives from the agency community.


When will magazine publishers be brought onto the system?

Following the beta launch of PATS with its founder publishers, the intention is for magazine publishers to be brought on to the system during the course of 2015.