Who we are

PATS is led by a group of founder publishers.

These publishers are Guardian News & Media Group, Mail Newspapers, Telegraph Media Group, Evening Standard & Independent and Trinity Mirror.

These founder publisher members have funded the initial development and integration costs of PATS.  The day-to-day management of PATS is overseen by Newsworks, the marketing body for national newsbrands, on behalf of the founder publishers.



Over time, most media have embraced standards and systems that encourage trade through enhanced efficiency.

Commercial radio developed the J-ET system and the TV industry adopted CARIA.  PATS is the publishing industry’s response to this trend, designed to work across the multiple print and digital advertising formats used by publishers.

In 2013 an initial scoping exercise was conducted by Newsworks, the marketing trade body for national newsbrands, on behalf of the national newspaper industry, to determine the industry opportunity, interest and challenges of building such a transaction management system. This phase incorporated consultation with key agency groups.

This led to a tender process and a steering committee was subsequently set up to review submissions from potential technology partners. The committee included agency representation from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and from media agencies.

This tender process led to 14 companies submitting proposals, resulting in Mediaocean being appointed to develop the PATS technology.


Commercial Model

PATS is being managed as a not-for-profit organization.  The cost is being funded by publishers. Agencies will participate for free.

Once PATS has been developed, the intention is for it to become a system used across the industry by publishers and agencies.

Consumer magazines and regional publishers would join as subscribers, and the membership revenues from these subscribers will contribute towards the running costs of PATS management.

The long-term aim is for PATS to develop into an independent JIC (Joint Industry Committee) like structure that would include representation from agencies and publishers to ensure that its future development meets industry needs.

The PATS Team


Caroline Vogt

Caroline Vogt, Project Director

Previously Head of Insight at Aegis Media Global and Microsoft Advertising, Caroline is responsible for the management of founder publishers and industry liaison across other publishers and agencies.



Brendan Quinn, Technical Director

A  former Technical Architect at the BBC, Brendan is responsible for the product management of PATS, liaising with publishers and agencies on development and system integration.


Founder Publishers

Technology Supplier




Mediaocean is a leading supplier of software to the advertising industry worldwide. Its products include the Prisma platform.

Mediaocean was selected as the technology supplier to PATS following a tender process in 2013 run by Newsworks, member publishers of the NPA and representatives from the agency community.