Why use PATS?


Making transactions simpler

As media becomes more complex, PATS makes transactions simpler.
It reduces the time involved in the booking, reporting and invoice matching process, and will result in simpler and more accurate transaction management.


“An electronic transaction management system between agencies and publishers makes eminent sense.  In the modern media landscape, time is at a premium and the PATS system has the potential to streamline important but labour intensive processes.”


Tom George, Chairman of MEC UK and Northern Europe & Chairman of the IPA Media Futures Group


Benefits for Publishers

  • Bolstering competitiveness – Making publishers more competitive by simplifying and automating transactions
  • Administrative efficiencies – PATS reduces admin costs via improved speed and accuracy of ad booking data and transaction matching
  • Aiding business development – Integrating print and digital booking and increasing automation will allow publishers to focus on more strategic selling to brands and agencies
  • Reducing risk – By offering transaction audit trails and improved data quality, PATS reduces the risk of revenue losses from invoice queries and disputes
  • Building a joint platform for the future – PATS creates the potential to introduce further efficiencies and initiatives

Benefits for Agencies

  • One buy – PATS delivers the ability to buy multi-platform campaigns via one interface
  • Administrative efficiencies – PATS will reduce admin costs for agencies by providing improved speed and accuracy of ad booking data and invoice matching
  • Multiple publisher bookings – Briefing and booking campaigns across multiple publishers is easy under PATS
  • PATS has been built as a platform for the future, creating the potential to introduce further efficiencies and initiatives e.g. audience data integration etc.
  • PATS will integrate with existing agency buying systems, so agencies can continue to use current systems, minimising any set-up impact